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Best Jogging Stroller On The Market In 2017

There was a time when you had to carefully plan your jogging route to cover only flat, smooth surfaces so you could run with your baby in tow. Thankfully, the invention of the products featured in jogging stroller reviews has enabled people to stay fit by running while giving baby a nice trip around the neighborhood. Here are some considerations you need to think about.
Check for a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association certification for safety.
Make sure to get the best jogging stroller in 2017 built with a deep child seat and a safety belt with five-point harness. These elements ensure that the child will not slide easily out of the seat as you jog. In addition, the stroller should come with a safety wrist strap, which ensures that you won’t be suddenly taking off after a runaway stroller if you should accidentally lose your grip on the handlebars.
A hand brake ensures that the baby stroller does not escape your control when running down an incline or a hill.
The front wheel should be lockable in a straight-ahead position to enable easy running, but it should also swivel easily for optimal steering when you are just walking. Sometimes, a swivel option is more of a luxury than a necessity. When jogging in wide spaces, it may not be that essential. Maneuvering in tight spaces may require swivel capability of the wheels.
Stability may seem to be of primary importance at first glance when in the market for the top jogging strollers for 2017. However, as you will find out, running with your child in a well-balanced stroller may not be optimal, since there has to be uneven weight distribution among the three wheels for smooth and easy lifting of the front wheel when navigating bends or corners in the road.
The more stable a stroller is, the more difficult it can be to maneuver while running. If you spend more time walking than running, stability is essential. However, if you spend most of your running workout in a steady jog, be sure to test the unit for its ability to navigate those turns you may have to make on the road.
Adjustability and Comfort
Test the unit to ensure that you can use it optimally. A jogging stroller may be challenging to assemble due to the design. The extra sturdy construction and large size may also make it difficult to fold and store.
The handlebar should ideally be adjustable to accommodate the caregiver’s height. This is a convenient feature when more than one individual plans to use the unit to take baby along for a brisk jog in the park or around the neighborhood. A non-adjustable handlebar not only restricts arm swing but may also be unusually low or high for you.
A sun canopy protects the child’s delicate eyes and skin from harmful UV rays. A fully adjustable sun shade allows convenient positioning to block the sun from the seat. check more baby stroller trend

Best Jogging Stroller Reviews
Thanks to the best jogging strollers 2017, parents can now enjoy an active lifestyle while being able to take along their young child on quick jogs or coffee runs. A jogging stroller enables the parent to enjoy a brisk run while ensuring child safety in the transport system. There are plenty of best selling jogging strollers on the market.

The BOB Revolution Flex Stroller is outfitted with a padded handlebar that can be adjusted to fit the parent’s height, ensuring comfort for the caregiver during the run with its nine elevation options. Geared for running, the stroller has swiveling front wheels that enable you to maneuver it on the terrain while allowing you to lock the radials forward to ensure greater stability during the run or when the jogging terrain becomes challenging to navigate.
The stroller has a revolutionary reclining seat that can be adjusted to give your young rider an excellent smooth ride.

Equipped with three 12-inch air-inflated tires, the Kolcraft All Terrain Adventure Stroller can handle smooth as well as uneven surfaces easily. The front wheel can be locked to facilitate running. The stroller is equipped with a five-point safety harness that can be easily adjusted to accommodate a growing child’s seating needs.
The seat can be made to recline to ensure a comfortable riding position for the young passenger. The large storage basket holds the baby’s essentials while the parent tray has cup holders that have the exact depth to hold the parent’s beverage securely. The stroller can be folded easily with just one hand.

If you want optimal performance in a jogger stroller, the Graco Relay Click Connect Stroller is your best option. It has pneumatic tires that shield the rider against the irregularities on the running path. The front-swivel wheel has locking capability with tracking to ensure smooth rides for your child.
Designed for active joggers, the stroller comes with quality suspension along with a lightweight frame to ensure effortless maneuverability and handling. The tech-fabric has reflective qualities, helping you remain visible in low light. The canopy is UV50 rated to give the rider protection from the sun during the ride.

One of the cheapest yet most value-packed strollers for sale on the market, the Schwinn Turismo Jogging Stroller has an aluminum frame that allows easy handling due to its light weight. The stroller has a dual-trigger folding mechanism that ensures rider safety, since it won’t close accidentally till the folding system gets fully activated.
The single jogger has speakers mounted on the canopy that can accommodate most MP3 players to supply entertainment during the ride. This stroller can be used with a number of car seat brands to provide a great transport system.

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System provides a full child transport system that ensures your baby can enjoy every trip out with you. The stroller accommodates a rider from birth till 50 pounds, so your child can join you in your active lifestyle while growing. The multi-position stroller enables you to adjust the reclining level to your child’s most comfortable riding position.
The five-point safety harness supports the young rider securely in the seat to keep the child from falling out during the run. The all-terrain bicycle tires enable effortless strolling or jogging, with superb impact absorption on uneven terrain.

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  1. My favorite umbrella stroller is the Bob for its durability yet strong frame. My sister is having a baby in August and we got her this one as we felt it is the best umbrella stroller on the market.