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Best Lightweight Strollers For The Moms Who Love Travel

Only a mother who has had to travel with a baby can understand the pain of going through an airport, a flight and a taxi ride in a different city with a baby, luggage and most importantly a heavy stroller which does not fit into the tiny hand-baggage compartment or the trunk of a mini-taxi. This is why some ingenious person – most probably a harassed parent, invented a lightweight stroller. This article tries to answer the modern mother’s question of which might fit the bill as best lightweight stroller for her.

But why buy a lightweight stroller?

  • Most of us mothers would have bought a good quality full size or a standard stroller as soon as if not before our baby was born. They are convenient, comfortable and durable. Most even have a car seat built into it. However these are usually heavy and weigh anywhere between 25–30 pounds.
  • When you are traveling with a baby you are usually carrying enough luggage for towing things like baby food, water, diapers, etc. It can be a nightmare if you have to carry the baby, the luggage and a heavy, bulky and unwieldy stroller and then have to go through security checks at the airport.
  • It is a pain to get in and out of a plane with narrow hallways. You may not have the strength to store a heavy stroller in the overhead compartment. After all this, would you practically have any energy or patience left over to take care of your baby for the rest of the trip?
  • This is why many would recommend you to get a lightweight stroller, which weighs 11-15 pounds and helps you a lot when you are traveling with a child. Of course many of these lightweight strollers may not be suitable for children below the age of 6 months, but for children from 6 months to 3-4 years, the lightweight stroller is really a godsend product.You can even use the lightweight stroller for day trip or for shopping trips. Especially as your child gets older and heavier, these lightweight strollers can get more convenient

But how do you decide which is the best lightweight stroller for you?

There are a few things that you need to consider before buying a lightweight stroller.
  1. Weight: This is the most important factor to be considered when you are selecting a lightweight stroller. Most of these strollers weigh between 11 – 15 pounds which is a comfortable weight range when you have to carry it while walking through an airport or go up some stairs etc.  Also check if the stroller has a mechanism which will let you carry it when folded.
  2. Size: Related to weight, you need a stroller which is wide enough to be comfortable for the baby and tall enough that when you walk with it you are not hitting the wheels or bending over to hold the handles.
  3. Ease of folding and unfolding: On your trip, you will fold and unfold the stroller multiple times. So select one which is easy to fold and unfold. But at the same time it has to be secure in either position, so check for locking mechanisms too.
  4. Reclining Positions: Select one which has enough reclining positions so that your child can sit upright while awake and sleep comfortably otherwise.
  5. Durable:Stroller is one item that you can use for a child from 6 months to 3–4 years, so select a strollerwhose frame and other items are made with strong and durable materials. You also need to check the maximum recommended weight for these strollers so thatyou can buy one that caters to your child’s range of weight.
  6. Other Features: Storage spaces, harness systems, wheels etc.
  7. Budget: Most importantly, select one which fits into the budget that you are comfortable with.
Read reviews and expert opinions online. Also consult some of your friends and family who have these products. Also try out a few strollers at the stores before finally buying the right one.

​Usage Tips

While using the lightweight stroller, remember the following facts:
  1. Ensure your stroller is fully unfolded even before you bring your child near it. These strollers are designed to fold and collapse easily so unless you have secured it open, it can collapse and hurt you as well as yourchild.
  2. Always strap your child in. These strollers are designed to get children in and out fast, so unless you secure them in properly, they can fall and hurt themselves.
  3. Be careful while storing items in and on the stroller. They can tip over if you do not balance the weight.
  4. And finally do maintain your lightweight stroller by oiling the wheels and other moving parts, cleaning it well once in a while. A well maintained stroller will last for years.
So we are back to the task of choosing the best lightweight stroller for the modern mother who is on the go. Let’s look at four of the top selling lightweight strollers in the market today:

Top 4 Best Lightweight Stroller On The Market

1. Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

  • The Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller has a super lightweight frame which is made of aluminum and weighs only 12 pounds. It comes with a handy strap and an auto-lock mechanism which lets you sling it onto your back while traveling through an airport.
  • It is easy to fold and unfold. When folded, it is small enough to fit into the overhead compartment of an aircraft.
  • It has a wide and comfortable seat (12.5inches). The seat back is almost 28 inches high. The 5-point safety harness can be adjusted to fit your child as he grows.
  • The seat reclines to 3 positions including deep recline for a nap or for changing diapers.
  • This stroller has a weight recommendation of 50 pounds which means you can use it for your toddler as well. It has big storage basket underneath, much larger than other lightweight strollers.
  • It also has a pouch at the back and a cup holder. One thing I loved about it was the height of the handles which are 42” above the ground so it could be comfortable for even a 6’4” person to push it around.
  • It has 6 inch wheels which need to be individually locked and brakes applied. The sun visor is not very large but for a lightweight stroller is large enough.

  • Lightweight Frame
  • Comfortable seat and height of handles
  • Storage available
  • Reclining Seat requires both hands
  • Cannot steer with a single hand

2. Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller

  • The Graco LiteRider Click Connect is slightly heavier than most of the other lightweight strollers being reviewed here, but with a weight about 17 pounds it still is lightweight enough to be portable for a family on the go.
  • One of the features that we liked the best is that you can attach your Graco infant seat in just one step. It locks with an audible click.
  • It has a 2 level reclining positions and padded seat made of soft fabrics for your baby’s comfort. It has a storage basket below, a removable tray in the front and a parent’s tray on the top with 2 cup holders for storage.
  • It is very easy to maneuver, with its lockable front wheels and built in suspensions.
  • Another feature we liked was the simple system of folding which requires just one hand. It also has a latch which can be used to keep it closed. Only problem with this stroller is that it does not fold down totally flat and can cause some problems while storing especially in the overhead compartments of an aircraft when you are flying somewhere.
  • The stroller has a maximum weight recommendation of 40 pounds which means you can use the stroller for a long time.

  • Easy to attach the Graco Infant seat
  • One Hand folding
  • Comfortable padded seats
  • Weight higher than others
  • Bulkier than other after being folded

3. Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller

  • The Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller weighing in at around 11 pounds is the lightest of all the strollers we are reviewing today. This is because it is made of anodized aluminum which while light in weight is also quite durable.
  • It is easy to fold, just open the latch with your foot and close the stroller with one hand. It has a shoulder strap which will help you carry this with ease.
  • The backseat can be opened with a zip to let it recline only a couple of inches which while acceptable for bigger kids, does not recline enough for babies. Also, it has a front wheel suspension that allows for a comfortable ride.
  • The maximum weight recommendation is for 37 pounds. This is lower than other lightweight strollers, but can handle children up to the age of 3.
  • It has a decent sized basket below which can hold a small diaper bag with ease. There are no other storage options on this stroller which is a bit of a problem.
  • It has a small sunshade with a peek-a-boo window. It has a 5 point harness with shoulder straps to secure your child in however the crotch strap is a little low which makes the harness a little insecure.
  • The handle to wheel ratio is also small and can cause problems for taller parents.
  • Super Lightweight
  • Folding Mechanism
  • Shoulder strap for carrying
  • Recline angle of the seatback
  • Insecure Harness
  • Short Handle

4. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

  • Kolcraft Cloud plus lightweight stroller has a very lightweight steel frame which weighs just around 12 pounds.
  • The feature it is most known for is the one hand fold mechanism which requires you to just release a lever with your foot, push a button on the handle and collapse it. This however is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a little bit of trial and error to get it right.
  • However once it folds, it stands upright which is a feature that is not available on most lightweight strollers. This is extremely convenient especially when you are traveling.
  • It has a multi-position reclining seat which will help you adjust it to the right angle required for your baby’s comfort. It has a 5-point harness which will hold your baby secure in the seat.
  • One thing we did not like was the backseat, which appears to be a flimsy cardboard covered by polyester which in some cases has been found to fold into two once the baby’s back hits it making it uncomfortable for them.
  • It has adequate storage with a basket at the bottom and both a parent and a child tray. It has a three-tier extended canopy which will protect your baby from the sun and the maximum weight recommendation of 50 pounds ensures many years of usage.
  • Lightweight frame
  • Inexpensive
  • Self-Standing fold
  • Sturdy
  • Less than 12 pounds
  • Cardboard back seat
  • Difficult one hand fold
  • Seats cannot be detached for cleaning
  • heels are plastic, not rubber
  • No seat padding


  • What you are looking for in a stroller when you are traveling with your baby is that it should be lightweight, convenient, durable, comfortable for both the child and the parents and must easy on the pocket too.
  • When you look for these features it is quite evident that the Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller could be the best lightweight stroller for you. It is lightweight (weighs only 12 pounds), is easy to fold, store and most importantly, convenient to carry.
  • It has a comfortable padded seat which is wider than other strollers and above all it reclines to an almost flat position so that your baby can sleep comfortably.
  • It is also taller than most other strollers making it more convenient for parents who are tall. It also has a better storage than many others.
  • Made of quality materials, it is priced right for even the most budget conscious parent.
  • This is why we quite highly recommend the Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller for the next time you travel with your baby.

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