Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller Reviews

Review Summary:

There is a big chance that you do not have just one but more than one children and you know that you would have to take care of all of them well. How do you think will you be able to do that? Finding the right stroller can be one of the things that you can do. What you have to do is get to know more details about Joovy Caboose Stand on Tandem Stroller.
  • Tandem Design Patented – You can be sure that you will not find the design of this stroller anywhere else.
  • 7 Pounds – Since this is a tandem stroller, this may be heavier than the other strollers that are available.
  • Can Hold Up to 100 Pounds – Since this can carry more than two children, it has a weight capacity of about 100 lbs.

Features of Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller

  • Cargo Basket – It comes with a basket wherein you can place some of the things that you would need to bring with you.
  • Canopy – Trying to shield your children from the heat of the sun or from being uncomfortable can be possible with the use of this canopy.
  • Front Wheel Spring Suspension – This makes it easy to maneuver the wheels to the places where you want to go.

Most Interesting Feature

Even though it has a lot of features that can make it one of the best ones that you can have, its patented design is probably the one that you should pay attention to the most. The fact that you can carry two children appropriately and even add a third one is not usual for some tandem strollers. It is forward facing and rear facing too so your kids can take different views each time they are placed at the stroller.

Other Benefits:
  • Comes with universal car seat adapter – Even newborn babies can be placed on the stroller safely.
  • Compact – Compared to other tandem strollers, this can still be considered to be compact.
  • Easy and Compact Trigger Fold – Folding it will not be hard to do at all so you have nothing to worry about.

Who needs it most?

It can be apparent that this is one product that can be used well by people who have more one child especially those whose children are still young. Up to 3 children can be carried by this stroller so going around different places can be far easier with the use of this stroller. This can also be used by people who would need to take a casual walk to the park.

Pros and Cons
You have to know that knowing the pros and cons of this product can be very beneficial for you because you will know what to expect when you get it.
  • No wider and heavier than a normal stroller – The weight of this stroller is the same with some of the single stroller that are available at present time.
  • Folding can be easy – If you think that you will take a lot of time in trying to fold this product then you will be pleasantly surprised to know that this can be effective for you.
  • Enough storage for your needs – You know that bringing some items with you will not be a hard task to do because this has just the right amount of storage for the things that you may possibly need.

  • Can be a bit oddly shaped – Probably because of the design, the shape may not be the usual type that people are used to.
  • Small spaces when car seat is used – The other available spaces may be smaller than usual when one of the seats has the car seat.

Customer Score
This has a customer score of 4.2 stars out of 5 which is actually higher than most of the strollers that you will see in Amazon at present time. A lot of people have said that this stroller has changed their life for the better because they are now able to place all of their children comfortably in just one stroller. It is not as big as other tandem strollers that are available as well.

Guide About Set Up and Installation
Since this is a big stroller then you can expect that it can come with a lot of parts. You have to remember to place the items one by one to make sure that you will not make any mistake. Do remember that there may be some parts that you need to purchase in order to complete the whole product depending on your needs.
You have to remember that the use of this stroller can change your life for the better. Just imagine seeing all your children in just one stroller. This can be a great moment for you and you know that this is possible with the use of this stroller.

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