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Maclaren Double Stroller: Ensure You Easy and Comfort full Journey with Your Twin Baby


It’s obviously good for you to use a branded stroller than having many ones of cheap. So, here we illustrate some exclusive best lightweight stroller by considering your comfort and convenience. This discussion is on three top rated Maclaren strollers as this company has been producing strollers since 1950. Their products are reliable and durable because they are experienced in the stroller producing. In this reviews, we discussed three Maclaren Double Strollers to help you getting a well-established brand stroller.


  • There are some special advantages of using the single and double stroller of the Maclaren. They are following:
  • All of these products are very much lightweight and one of them weighs only 11.9 lbs. So you can choose this stroller if you are really looking for a lightweight stroller.
  • All these strollers include rain cover to protect your baby from rain. So you don’t need to buy a rain cover separately.
  • The seat of the Maclaren double stroller is removable so that you can clean the fabric easily.
  • The seat of these strollers reclines in several positions. Thus, you can keep your little one more comfortable.
  • Maclaren double stroller and single stroller can be used as a travel system stroller as it can accommodate an infant car seat.
  • Some of the Maclaren products include a waterproof and UFP+50 hood. So your baby gets protection from ultra-violet rays.
  • These stroller’s sturdy engineering materials developed for persistence and lightweight handling.
  • Front and rear suspension wheel ensure easy maneuvering.
  • One of these buggies has head huggers and shoulder pads for maximum comfort of the baby.


  • A stroller you can use for a long time if you take proper care of it. Here are some general directions on cleaning and maintaining the stroller:
  • You should clean the fabric, plastic parts and metal parts separately.
  • If the fabric is machine washable, then wash it by machine. Otherwise, you can wash the stroller with soap or detergent and water.
  • The plastic parts can be cleaned with water and soap solution with a soft fabric. To clean the unreachable parts of the stroller, you can use a vacuum cleaner.
  • After cleaning, disinfect and dry them out thoroughly. It’s better to disinfect it by drying it under the sunlight.
  • Always check the wheels before going out and lubricate the wheels periodically. You should also keep the wheels clean for easy steering.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.


You have to consider some important things if you are looking for a stroller for twins.

Consider the needs and budget of the family

The purpose of buying a twin stroller is one of the main factors for choosing a stroller. For active family’s tandem jogging stroller is the right choice. If you need the stroller for walking in the park, then you can choose a side-by-side stroller. To commute in a shopping mall or grocery shop, a tandem twin stroller is well-suited.

Figure out the budget and preferable features

You should also think about the amount that you can spend for it. Choosing the preferable accessories for the convenience of both the parents and kids is very important. There are lots of accessories that come with strollers.  But you can buy several accessories like child tray, cup holder, rain cover, foot muff, head and body support pillow, bug net, toy attachment and running board.

Choose between tandem and side-by-side stroller.

After deciding about your budget, you have to select one version of the stroller between tandem and side-by-side stroller. The side by side stroller has more space than a tandem stroller so that baby can move easily in this stroller. But it’s hard to steer it in a narrow place. A tandem stroller is suitable for steering in a narrow space.


1. Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller, Denim

Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller, Denim is a side by side double stroller with a fashion-forward fabric. It can carry two babies up to 110 pounds. Its weight is 23.4 pounds. The hood of this stroller is water-resistant. This double stroller comes with 5-point harness, rain cover, huge storage, easy folding and unfolding system carry straps and carry handle. Some of its features illustrated below:
Its separate reclining seat ensures two babies comfort. They can enjoy the freedom of reclining the seat according to their comfort individually.
For maximum comfort, it has a five-point safety buckles and height adjustable shoulder harnesses.
This one made of high-quality and appealing denim fabric so that it gives a stylish look.
To steer it easily, it comes with lockable front swivel wheels and foot- operated parking brakes help you to park the stroller securely.
Its canopy includes UV protective viewing window. As a result, your child gets protection from ultraviolet rays.
Before taking the decision of final purchase, it’s wise to search on the internet. In Amazon, there are 3 customer reviews and its overall rating is 3 out of 5. Among them, two customers are satisfied with its quality and price.
The carry straps and handle make carrying the buggy a breeze. This feature allows you to travel on public transport.
Things we like
Things we didn’t like
  • UV protected canopy.
  • Front lockable swivel wheel.
  • Foot operated brake.
  • 5-point harness.
  • Appropriate from birth.
  • The capacity of carrying is 110 lbs.
  • Little storage.

2. Maclaren Twin Triumph – Charcoal/Scarlet

Maclaren's Twin Triumph stroller is a side by side stroller. It comes with the 5-point harness, rain cover, water-resistant hoods, reclining seats, and foot brakes. This Maclaren double stroller provides safety, comfort, and durability. To lock and unlock the rear wheels, it has single-step brakes. It can carry 2 children from 6 months up to 110 pounds. Its adjustable five-point harness can be adjusted according to the child’s height with its multi-position reclining adjusting straps. The huge storage basket helps to carry stroller essentials and other necessary chattels.
The exclusive features of Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller are illustrated below:

It’s easy to transport and store as it includes simple fold and unfold system. This buggy includes a high-performance and sturdy aluminum frame that ensures durability.
To provide your little one protection from ultra-violet ray, it comes with big water-resistant and UPF+50 hood. It also has rain a cover to give shelter from rain, wind and snow. The compact design of this buggy helps to maneuver it through standard doorways.
If you compare with another twin lightweight stroller, you can realize that its 23.1 pounds weight isn’t too much for steering easily.
To know more about this stroller, you can browse the internet about Maclaren double stroller. On Amazon, there are sixteen reviews of the real customers. Nobody rated this product 1 star and 75% customer rated this above 4 stars.
Most of the purchasers are overall happy with the performance of the stroller. Unless smooth surface, some of them find it hard to steer. Few customers complained about the folding system.
Things we like
Things we didn’t like
  • Carry two child up to 110 lbs.
  • Five-point harness with two-finger release mechanism
  • Weight 23.1 pound
  • UPF+50 canopy
  • Ample storage
  • Difficult to fold/unfold

3. Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller, Black

This one is a double side by side stroller with fantastic features. It can accommodate two children up to 110 pounds. For easy grip, it has ergonomically optimized foam handles. To assure maximum comfort, it has head huggers, shoulder pads, adjustable leg rest and removable cushioned seat. The boot covers of the stroller give baby’s secrecy. There is a pocket to keep the cover.
The adjustable 5 point harness helps to keep baby safely. Its UV protected sun visors and large hood give protection from harmful UV rays and sunlight. Moreover, you can go outside in a rainy day, it comes with rain cover. So your baby is fully protected in this stroller.
Its front swivel and rear fixed wheels, front and rear suspension, foot operated linked parking brakes helps to steer it easily and safely.

To keep water bottles, snacks, toys and other necessary chattels, it comes with two shopping baskets and parent cup holder. Each basket can carry 3 KG weight.
You can adjust the seat in different positions so that you can easily change your baby’s diaper and keep him in a comfy position.
There are 13 customer reviews of this Maclaren double stroller on Amazon. Its rating is 3.6 stars out of 5. Mоѕt of the сuѕtоmеrѕ сеrtifу this as a grеаt lightweight stroller. Some customers complain about the heavy weight of this stroller.
Things we like
Things we didn’t like
  • Excellent and easy to operate the folding system.
  • Head hugger and shoulder pads.
  • Parent cup holder and basket.
  • Accommodates the child up to 110 pounds.
  • Rain cover and rain cover.
  • Adjustable leg rest.
  • Storage is difficult to reach.


Maclaren is a renowned stroller producer company. They produce high-quality and best lightweight stroller considering the convenience of the parents and comfort of the baby. These strollers are lightweight as well as durable. Moreover, it’s easy to fold and unfold. Maclaren double stroller can be carried in the car trunk of all the major brand car. Since, it can accommodate an infant car seat, so you should be relaxed about the easy carrying of your newborn. It comes with front and rear suspension wheels so that it’s easy to steer on any type of the terrain. These products are cozy and secure for your little angel. So it’s a wise decision to have a Maclaren double stroller than using many of others.

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