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Best Baby stroller reviews - Ultimate Buying Guide In 2017

Stroller have to be a lot of things but above all, they should be as safe as possible. Since we’re committed to giving out a helping hand to parents who might be struggling with their options, we’ve looked at a lot of data in regards to the best strollers money can buy this year. We’ve considered the owner feedback, the sales figures, as well as the value offered for the price. What’s more, we’ve consulted several professional reviews websites and analyzed just what makes a unit better than the others that are available on the market today. The total item and brand quality are two other details we took into account since many manufacturers are known to build their products by all safety regulations. Since the general public sometimes takes to social media to express concerns and negative opinions, we’ve also analyzed the social media activity of the models we’ve considered. In the end, the best product we’ve discovered is the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, as it offers plenty of speed and mobility. It’s both durable and lightweight and delivers the maximum degree of safety. If, for some reason, this model is out of your budget, we suggest having a look at the Baby Jogger City Mini, as it comes with almost the same features and is the second best.

Buying guide on how to select a top stroller

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time buyer of a stroller, or an individual that has already gone through the effort of picking a former model. The fact is the utmost desire of parents all over the world is to keep their babies safe at all times. With this in mind, what do you think makes the difference between a stroller that’s safe to use and one that’s not being recommended by baby strollers reviews?
The majority of the top rated strollers of 2016 come with safety standards. These are details one must look for, considering the fact that the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JMPA) makes a big deal out of testing and certifying baby products. The JPMA seal is clearly a must-have feature of any dependable and secure baby stroller.
Other characteristics also let buyers know how safe and sturdy some of these products are. For instance, the matter of stability usually relates to the width of the wheel base. The wider it is, the harder it is for the stroller to tip.
Seat belts are a must. Some strollers come with 3-point harnesses, whereas others feature 5-point ones. The 5-point harness is clearly better than the 3-point variant, because it will keep the child restrained enough to avoid him or her going through unfortunate accidents.
Wheel brakes are yet another thing to look for, because they’ll help you and your baby avoid stumbling upon dangerous obstacles.
Lastly, it really goes without saying that the stroller you get at home must be in perfect shape. This means that there should not be any parts missing or any worn spots. Although stroller manufacturers come from various geographical areas, you should usually choose a product with a return policy or a warranty of at least one year.
Important features
Aside from the safety ones, you might also want to look for some other desirable characteristics. Your child might enjoy your walks or jogging activities a bit more if the product comes with an adjustable seat position. This way, the baby can sit straight up or even stretch out for a little nap. Seat reversibility is yet another notable detail, considering the fact that this gives you the opportunity to either see your baby while you’re walking or simply push the stroller as you hurry on home.
Some products can be expanded as you gradually add more members to your family.
Babies are regrettably messy, which is why you also have to pick a stroller of which the fabric is easily washable. While some come with parts that need to be hand washed, others can be laundered using the machine.

Types of strollers
Choosing the best stroller of 2017 is a tricky thing, considering there are so many choices out there. There are infant travels systems, full-size and mid-size strollers, lightweight baby stroller, prams and even jogging baby strollers. It’s up to you to pick the right one both for yourself and for the baby.
Extras include rain covers, parasols, baskets, toys, cushions, tote bags and even mirrors.

Top rated models

Delivering the safest and most comfortable means of transportation for babies, a stroller must also cater to the parent’s needs. With plenty of models and brands around, choosing a good stroller may not be as easy as it seems. Read ahead and you will find five of the best strollers 2017 available on the market right now.

1. BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

Using a tricycle frame, this lightweight and durable model offers plenty of mobility and speed. Built to deliver maximum speed and safety, the BOB Revolution SE is a perfect stroller for jogging. Keeping the front wheel swiveling, this stroller can tackle tight corners without any difficulty. A convenient front wheel forward locking system increases the stroller stability, allowing it to gain speed without losing balance even on rough terrain. Each wheel comes with its own separate suspension system, keeping the ride comfort at an optimal level even during jogging sections.

2. Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller

Designed for urban use, this high mobility stroller delivers the best mix of speed, mobility and comfort. Perfect for dynamic parents, the Baby Jogger uses an adaptable frame that allows it to convert from a three wheeler into a classic stroller. Taking advantage of both designs, this stroller for NYC offers maximum speed and mobility during your jogging sessions and a high level of stability and comfort during slow walks. With its quick fold system, the Baby Jogger is ready to be packed within seconds. Smart, adaptable and cozy, this model is a great stroller for young, urban parents.

3. Chicco Bravo Stroller

Chicco Bravo offers one of the highest levels of comfort possible. Each of its large and stable wheels comes with a soft suspension system, increasing even further the ride comfort and stability of the stroller. Catering to the parent’s needs, the Chicco Bravo includes a convenient parent tray and a large back storage basket.

With its smart design and removable seat, this stroller can transport the Chicco Key Fit infant car seat, allowing for an easy transition from the car to a park walk and back. Allowing parents to choose the perfect seat position for their young ones, the 
4. Graco Verb Click Connect Stroller

Built for comfort and endurance, this incredibly well priced model delivers a safety and comfort level that surpasses even the most expensive models. Using an all-wheel all-terrain suspension, the Graco Verb Click Connect keeps the baby as comfortable as possible during the ride, allowing him to rest undisturbed even when traveling on unpaved surfaces. Solid and reliable, this stroller accepts any of the Graco Click Connect infant seats. A convenient one-hand folding system helps parents manage the baby and the stroller at the same time. Comfortable and easy to use, the Graco Verb Click Connect comes with a price that blows away any competition, allowing it to become one of the most popular strollers in use today.
5. Urbini 10AR1Y-PNKU Omni  3-in-1

When it comes to versatility, nothing beats this excellent stroller. Featuring a smart and modular design, the Urbini Omni 3-in-1 gives parents plenty of freedom, allowing them to choose the optimal transportation mode for their baby. Transforming itself with ease into three different stroller types, this adaptable model can become a basinet, a baby seat carrier or a regular stroller. Additionally, this travel system comes with the Petal Infant Car Seat, one of the safest and most comfortable infant car seats you will ever use. Safe, comfortable and extremely versatile, this smart model is by far one of the best strollers 3 in 1 money can buy today.

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